Spice Market Tour

General Information About Spice Market Tour - LALBAG

The Lalbaug area is the heart of the textile mill industry which flourished in Mumbai from the mid-1800’s to the late 1900’s. This walk provides a cultural introduction to the area and its people. We will explore the religious, economic, political and social fabric of this multi-cultural area which is home to Marathi-speaking Hindus as well as small communities of Parsis and Muslims.

Apart from a colourful spice market, there is a bustling vegetable market here, a farsan (fried snack) market called ChivdaGalli, and a busy fish market. Wedding and religious paraphranelia, shops selling daily needs items, kitchen utensils and provisions, all make for an interesting introduction to local cuisine and culture.

Tour Time: 3hrs

When: All days of the week, except Mondays and Wednesdays, Starts at Lalbaug @10:30 a.m.. Group sizes vary from 2-6 people.

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