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Job satisfaction = better performance. Corporate employers have evolved in the era of keeping their talent acquisitioned team and employees happy and satisfied, thereby retaining them and providing them a sense of belonging.  Human resource experts believe that non-traditional, non-cash rewards can have a greater impact on the performance of employees. Thus, churning out the traditional cash bonus which employees received for good performance, Incentive Corporate Tours have begun making their mark in the travel world. Companies are trending to give out all expense paid trips as tokens of appreciation to their employees, thereby aiming to create a bond which goes beyond professionalism. These tours generally are announced in groups and involve various travel packages – both domestic and foreign tours. In result, organisations have noticed remarkable degrees of better performance and commitment to work from their personnel.

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Keeping in mind, the trend of Incentive Tours, we at Fred Travels understand the laborious planning and co-ordinating that group travel packages entail. These tasks of managing group incentive excursions and events for employees can be time consuming and requires patience in dealing with operators, restaurants, hotels and other vendors in order to put together the program you desire. Fred travels does exactly this! We at Fred Travels can help you plan and execute your incentive programs and take the stress out of the experience.  Give us your budget, brief information of guests traveling and sit back to rely on us to give you the best travel experience.

Fred Travels organizes corporate and incentive tours in Goa, Mumbai and extended all over Maharashtra. Keep your worries at bay with Fred Travels, as we expertise in handling inbound tour services for all sizes of groups. Select from our specifically designed packages to explore Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. Fred Travels also lets you customize your travel plans, considering your needs and budget. Find the best deals with us and we assure you to provide the best rewarding tour for your employees.

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